New Dynaspheres Pool video released

New Dynaspheres Pool video released

Check out our new Dynaspheres Pool video, featuring our magnificent Platinum Pool set.

The Dynaspheres Phenolic Resin billiard balls all have an extremely smooth surface that makes sure chalk and other contaminants are easily removed. They also have less bad contacts, or “buttages”, than other brands. Each cue- ball is marked with 6 blue rotors for increased feedback on spin. The Rotor™ design is integrated in every “solid” and “striped” ball.

Aren’t you itching to play with them? Find your local dealer here!

‘Queen of the Hill’ Loree Jon Hasson joins Dynaspheres as Ambassador

It is our privilege to welcome Mrs. Hasson as ambassador. She started playing at the age of 4 at home and became a pro player …

Next Gen Phenolic Resin Balls

Whereas other brands charge extra for selected sets with minimal weight-differences, we at Dynaspheres feel this should be “standard issue”; the maximum weight – deviation within 1 set is 1,5 gram/ball over our complete range.

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